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49: My D&D Diary: An New Effort

Before picking up again with his group, Ben tries playing a Dungeon Crawl Classic #79 in the hopes that he can get his feet back beneath him.

Thanks to 50 Breaks for the use of their music, and Producer Chris Koterba for his talents! 

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48.2 Red and Pleasant Land for Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Hearken and behold dear listeners, as the Plot Points gang completes their discussion of the quadruple Ennie-nominated Red and Pleasant Land which may without hyperbole be the best-written product we have yet discussed.

Thanks to Aaron Andries for guesting, and Producer Chris as always for producing.

Thanks to 50 Breaks for use of their music.

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48.1: Red and Pleasant Land for Lamentations of the Flame Princess

This month, Sarah, Brad, and Ben are joined by the incomparable Aaron Andries to discuss Red and Pleasant Land  for Lamentations of the Flame Princess, the weird fantasy role-playing game.

The gang discusses the Old School Revolution, the Open Gaming License, and even hears Lamentations creator James Raggi IV weigh in on why he created his own game.

UPDATE! Red and Pleasant Land is nominated for FOUR Ennies!  Click here to see all the nominees! 

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Thanks as always to Chris Koterba for producing magic! 


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47: Brad Needs a Kidney!

Brad needs a kidney. A living donor is better in all sorts of ways. You have two kidneys and Brad only needs one!

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43.1: Shadowrun: Queen Euphoria

Because YOU demanded it gameratti! Today we release the first episode in our discussion of Queen Euphoria, a seminal adventure for the Shadowrun rpg! Special guest Aaron Andries weighs in with the usual crew, and Ben even has a letter from author and rpg icon Steve Wieck himself about the adventure and Shadowrun in general...

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42: C2E2 Special!

Ben and Brad hit Chicago's premier comic convention, C2E2 this past weekend, and we are coming at you with a pair of interviews of interest for you!

First we talk to the folks over at Gobhoblin Pictures who just completed a web series entitled Roll Four: The Summer Campaign. The series is about a DM, his players, and their characters over one summer. It's The Guild meets The Gamers and for those of us interested in taking gaming more seriously, it is a case study. Find them here!

In other fascinating news, I bought a belt at C2E2, but not just any belt, an Obscure Belt! The belt is beautiful, sturdy, and geeky without being in your face about it. (Mine looks like it could be worn by Han Solo or Sherlock Holmes!) They are impeccably cool, and you should check them out!

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Flying solo this week, Ben talks about how science fiction is facing serious challenges as a genre, based largely on the fact that the future is becoming harder and harder to envision. The Hugo Awards controversy, The Rapture of the Nerds, and Shadowrun all get call outs in this episode!

Relevant Links on the Hugo Awards


The LA Review of Books' on Sci-Fi's Decline


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38.2: Eberron for D&D: Shadows of the Last War

The gang dissects Shadows of the Last War for the 3rd edition of D&D, with guest genius Mike Holmes!


Thanks to Chris Koterba for recording as always, and to 50 Breaks for the awesome tuneage. 

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37: LIVE! Pathfinder's We Be Goblins TOO!

The gang tackles their first sequel at the Midwinter Gaming Convention in beautiful downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Laugh, cry and thrill to our trenchant observations! 

Thanks to Chris Koterba for recording and producing, as always!





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36: Should You Play Cards Against Humanity?

The gang, with special guest Ryan Smith, wades in on an article which claims that Cards Against Humanity is so offensive you should not play it. We have some heated thoughts on this, to say the least!

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