Plot Points
18: Robotech Tactics Controversy

Palladium made $1.5 million on Kickstarter with their Robotech Tactics game, but is over 8 months late in delivery to backers. Should it take the game to GenCon?

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The gang completes their discussion of the D&D Starter Set. Again thanks to Matt Vercant of Game Universe for an update on how the Starter Set is selling! Check them out here!

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Episode 17: D&D Starter Set

The gang takes on the D&D Starter Set, the first product released for the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons! 

By popular demand, we are again returning to our 2 part format. Catch part 2 next week!

Thanks to the guys at Game Universe in Franklin, Wisconsin for help in discussing sales for this episode. If you're in Wisconsin, check them out!

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Our first ever live show at Nexus Game Fair in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where we discuss Night Train for the Deadlands role-playing game. 

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Tabletop role-playing games are a sort of social technology, which helps gamers work through unconscoius issues and helps gamers find meaning in life. 

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14: Numenera's The Vortex by Monte Cook

This week we take a look at The Vortex for Monte Cook's Numenera! The gang goes over the many innovations the game represents, and takes a good hard look at the adventure meant to introduce what Numenera is to gamers. 

Music by Dispirition and the Night Hours! Check out their stuff below!


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This week, the gang talks about the recent news that Microsoft is looking at making a TV show out of the Deadlands rpg.

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In this soliloquy, Ben runs through Egyptian history, Joseph Campbell, and the D&D ruleset to prove that not only are RPGs myth-generation engines, they represent an epochal shift in the history of myth. Powers once reserved for priests and emperors are, via RPGs, brought to anyone with a D6 and Pathfinde Core Book.

Enjoy our music? Check out The Night Hours!

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11: Fate Worlds: "Tower of the Serpents"

"Tower of the Serpents" by Brennan Taylor from Fate Worlds gets the Plot Points treatment in this month's episode. Our hosts erupt in argument and discord over the adventure, but no spiders were harmed in the making of this episode.

By popular demand, Plot Points is now presented in a single episode!

Also, come see Plot Points live! We'll be at the Nexus Game Fair in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Friday, June 20th!  

Music by Disparition.

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Plot Points has been invited to depart the close and comforting confines of Rainbird Studios and venture out into the wide world at the Nexus Game Fair in beautiful downtown Milwaukee, which has completely recovered from last autumn's deadly zombie outbreak. See Sarah, Brad, Ben and Producer Chris in the flesh (and such flesh it is). Marvel at their physical forms! Take part in a Q&A! Prove to them that you too exist!

We'd love to see you! June 20th, 2014 at 8 PM at the Nexus Game Fair!!/page_home

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