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Plot Points will be at the Midwinter Gaming Convention in scenic downtown Milwaukee! Come see us at...

Nerdologues! Nerds tell stories! It's like the Moth!

Friday, January 16th, 10-12 PM at the Downtown Hilton in Milwaukee, Wisconsin MediaRoom

Hear us discuss "We Be Goblins" for Pathfinder on Sunday, January 18th, 12:30 in Right Ballroom C!

It's us! It's live! Unfiltered! Uncensored! You might catch something from us!

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33.2 Legend of the Five Rings: Code of Bushido Pt. 2

The gang finishes their discussion of Code of Bushido for the 1st edition of the Legend of the Five Rings role-playing game!

As always, thanks to 50 Breaks for our awesome bumper music!

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33.1 Legend of the Five Rings: Code of Bushido

The gang looks at John Wick's classic rpg of samurai, loyalty, and honor. Dissension erupts over the role of women in the game, and deciding whether the game is more narrativist or simulationist in its roots.  

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32: Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition Playtest Review

Flying solo today, Ben talks about his take on Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition having been running it for a few months now. 

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31: D&D is Not a Role-Playing Game Says John Wick

Genius game designer John Wick posits that if a role-playing game is any game where you can successfully play the game without role-playing is in fact a board game, in which case, D&D is a very complicated board game and NOT a rpg. 

Check it out!

Read the article here!

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Ben noticed at Gen Con that there are a lot of re-issues and new editions of 20 and 30 year old products. Is gaming getting stale?

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29: Character Death

The gang talks about character death, its role at the table, and whether the story ends when the pulse does. 

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28: The Dracula Dossier

Get a sneakpeak at one of the most fascinating products we've ever reviewed here at Plot Points, The Dracula Dossier by Ken Hite and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan. The sandbox campaign which uses Bram Stoker's immortal (heh) novel as its spine is Kickstarting now! 

Listen here for a sneak peak that the goodness in store!

Go here to back the project!  

Thanks to James Semple and 50 Breaks for the tuneage. If you like Semple's moody, atmospheric compositions, back the Kickstarter! A Dossier soundtrack is a stretch goal!

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27: Bulldogs! for Fate

The gang tackles Bulldogs! for Fate, a sci-fi setting with adventure by Brennan Taylor and Brian Engard!

Next week come back to listen to Plot Points discuss the Dracula Dossier, kickstarting now from Pelgrane Press!

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26: The Recession BENEFITED Geek Culture!

Ben Riggs flies solo today to discover the counter-intuitive but apparent truth that geek culture has benefitted from the recession of 2008!

Music is courtesy of Scott MacLeod at! 

Photo of Jennifer Magnuson

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