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58: Advanced GUMSHOE Seminar from GenCon 2015

Check out Pelgrane's Advanced GUMSHOE Seminar from GenCon 2015! 

Hear the lights of the investigative rpg world hold forth on difficult questions. You heard the highlights on Ken & Robin. Here the comeplete saga here!

Also, would YOU like a FREE physical copy of Ben's novel shipped to your home?  

Here's what you do. Go to and create a very simple profile. Just for doing this, the website gives you $5 in credits. Then, go to any novel, or if you're feeling particularly supportive, my novel. Go to the text of the novel and click on the chapter title. This takes you to a page where you can highlight and comment For commenting, you get another $5 credit, bringing your total to $10, which is the exact amount it costs to back my book! Then follow this link and back my book! Voila! Free book sent to you! But only if I win the contest by being in the top 5 by September 30th.

I understanding not having ten bucks. But do you have ten minutes to do a bro a favor?

Lemme sweeten the pot too. 

First, I'm launching another contest! Back the book by the 30th, and I will enter your name in a drawing to win an rpg session run by me via Skype or Gchat!

Second, help me be in the top 5 by September 30th, and Chris and I will make an abridged audiobook of the novel!

Third, help me win and I won't talk about this anymore!


Thanks in advance!


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57: FFG Buys L5R!

A few days late to bring you the latest news! 

Gaming titan Fantasy Flight Games has purchased to reight to the venerable property of card and tabletop, Legend of the Five Rings. What are their plans and where are we going?

Read about it here!

Have you backed Ben's book yet? He's 20 backers away from being on the front page of the Inkshares website. Back the book here!

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56: My D&D Diary: The Payoff

Finally, Ben tells the world of the resumption of his D&D campaign mingling Scenic Dunnsmouth for Lamentations of the Flame Princess with Caves of Chaos, a D&D 5e playtest scenario. Also, he has a less than fun game with a TSR employee from the 1970s who shall remain nameless here... 

Ben needs YOU to back his novel, Terminal Magics! Go to Inkshares via this link to back it today! If we get to 1,000 preorders, Ben & Chris will make an abridged audiobook of the novel. Go back it today to help others find the book! 

Enjoy Labor Day all!

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55: Monte Cook on Numenera

Today, Ben chews the fat with Monte Cook of Numenera and 3rd ed. D&D fame. We talk about his newest Kickstarter, and all things gamey!

Support Monte, Bruce, Tammi, Charles, Shanna and the rest of the gang at MCG! Back their Into the Ninth World Kickstarter here!

Back my novel Terminal Magics on! Like what you hear? You have to back the book here to read the book! 

Music provided by Disparition. Buy his music here!

The Numenera Reliquary unboxing that drove me mad with covetousness is here!

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54: Zak S. & James Raggi Interviews

We've got the ENnie award-winning author publisher duo behind Red & Pleasant Land digitally in studio to discuss the project's success, and their philosophies of gaming, writing, publishing, and Yale grad school.

Also, our Geek Critique narrative episodes have generated more positive feedback than any other show we've done! We've heard you, and plan on putting together a second podcast to meet that demand. Plot Points won't be going anywhere, but you want more, we'll get you more! 

As always contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or email us at 

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53: Podcast-a-Ganza!

Live as the internet can be, Plot Points comes to you live from GenCon 2015, with six other podcasts. Each podcast crammed one full episode into less than ten minutes!

Behold the aural glory of Role-Playing Public Radio!

Tremble in fear at the approach of The Good Friends of Jackson Elias!

Chortle with joy at the golden tones of The NPC Cast!

Serve the Emperor and fight the night with the Grim Dark Podcast!

To survive the Steadfast and the Beyond, you must hear The Signal!

Hear you next year at the 'con y'all!

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52: The Bruce Cordell Gambit, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Strange

This week, we continue our audio experiment with narrative podcasting by taking a look at the life and career of Bruce Cordell. Bruce worked on D&D for over a decade and a half, producing seminal novels and supplements. Yet he left it all behind to take a risk, joining Monte Cook Games and writing The Strange. Why'd he do it, and how's it working out? 

Let us know what you think of these narrative episodes on Twitter, Facebook, or email us at

Find Ben on Twitter @BenRiggs_

Thanks to for the tunes, and Producer Chris for producing! 

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51: The Satanic Panic!

Today, we revisit the Satanic Panic of the 1980s in an experiment in narrative audio. That's right, today on Plot Points, we're telling a story, and we hope that it sounds like Chris and I broke into NPR and monomaniacally edited on their fancy equipment, and birthed this aural baby. Behold and hearken all! 

Let us know how this sounds, and if you want to hear more like it on Twitter, Facebook, or email via



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Ben interviews Aaron Andries on the Android Netrunner Pro Circuit!

More info for all you runners is here!

Going to GenCon? Hear Plot Points live at Podcast-a-Ganza! Thursday, 6 PM Crowne Plaza Penn Station C! SEM1578403

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49: My D&D Diary: An New Effort

Before picking up again with his group, Ben tries playing a Dungeon Crawl Classic #79 in the hopes that he can get his feet back beneath him.

Thanks to 50 Breaks for the use of their music, and Producer Chris Koterba for his talents! 

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