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Plot Points

Plot Points has been discussing role-playing games as literature since 2013. The podcast takes a deep dive on the influences, origins, joys, and meaning of tabletop role-playing games. The Plot Points gang talks about new releases, old gems, and speaks with the most influential and exciting creators in the tabletop role-playing game space. 

Find a cool new game, discover a strategy for your home group, or learn a fresh take on the theory of role-playing.

Feb 22, 2019

John Scott Tynes worked on some of the most innovative and engaging role-playing games produced in the 1990s. Delta GreenUnknown ArmiesCall of Cthulhu D20. Then, he was gone, disappearing from the RPG industry like a dream at dawn. Now, he's back writing for RPGs again, (see The Labyrinth) and he gave an hour of his...

Feb 14, 2019

How do you have a normal life after being transported to a magical world, meeting fairies, and being a hero? Well, Becky Annison thinks you'd be likely to end up in therapy. She explores this in "When the Dark is Gone" from Seven Wonders, a story game collection from Pelgrane Press!

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Feb 7, 2019

Of Dice and Men is "The story of Dungeons & Dragons and the people who play it." Is it a first stab at a new kind of literature, or too basic for the veteran gamer? Ben, Sarah, and Brad come near blows discussing it!

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