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Plot Points

Plot Points has been discussing role-playing games as literature since 2013. The podcast takes a deep dive on the influences, origins, joys, and meaning of tabletop role-playing games. The Plot Points gang talks about new releases, old gems, and speaks with the most influential and exciting creators in the tabletop role-playing game space. 

Find a cool new game, discover a strategy for your home group, or learn a fresh take on the theory of role-playing.

Mar 28, 2019

Ben has a long talk with Monte Cook, RPG design genius behind NumeneraInvisible Sun, and 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons. Check out his current Kickstarter for Arcana of the Ancients here!

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Mar 19, 2019

The mellifluous tones of Pathfinder designer Jason Bulmahn bring you up to speed on the latest news in the world of Pathfinder 2nd edition! 

If you're new to Plot Points, check out our episode on the history of demons and devils and Dungeons & Dragons! Here's Ben's sold out seminar on why TSR failed from Gen Con 2018!

Mar 14, 2019

"I'm pretty keen on role-playing."

Becky Annison is a brilliant game designer who co-created the GM-less Lovecraftian RPG, Lovecraftesque, along with her partner Joshua Fox. Ben picks her brain about role-playing theory, theater, and her latest Kickstarter for Bite Me!, the powered by the apocalypse game of werewolf...

Mar 8, 2019

"This may be the most perfect role-playing game product I've ever seen." 

"This makes old fantasy new again." 

Forbidden Lands is the fantasy RPG from the Swedish geniuses behind Tales from the Loop, and the game lives up to the high expectations set by their other games!

Listen to our first foray into Free League RPGs...