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Plot Points

Plot Points has been discussing role-playing games as literature since 2013. The podcast takes a deep dive on the influences, origins, joys, and meaning of tabletop role-playing games. The Plot Points gang talks about new releases, old gems, and speaks with the most influential and exciting creators in the tabletop role-playing game space. 

Find a cool new game, discover a strategy for your home group, or learn a fresh take on the theory of role-playing.

Aug 16, 2019

TSR West was an attempt by TSR to break into the comic book industry. How and why didn't it work out? A seminar from Gen Con 2019. 

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Aug 8, 2019

3rd edition D&D is one of the most popular RPGs ever created. Decades after its release, and after dozens of interviews, the dramatic story of how 3rd edition came to be can at last be told!

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Aug 5, 2019

Why did TSR, the company founded to publish Dungeons & Dragons, flounder and fail in the 1990's? Ben Riggs goes deep with this updated seminar on the end of the company that birthed the role-playing game hobby.

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Jul 26, 2019

Over the Edge is the game of weird urban danger by Jonathan Tweet published by Atlas Games. The Plot Points crew oohs and ahs over this 3rd edition of a 90's gem.

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Jul 21, 2019

Imagine taking a pair of TSR alumni out to lunch, and letting them tell you tales of the old days. This aural odyssey is exactly that! Ben Riggs took Jim Lowder & Dale Donovan out for lunch and recorded it. Hear about the good old days and the bad old days at TSR, the company that first published Dungeons & Dragons!