Plot Points

Today Brad, Ben, and Sarah talk about Cthulhu Confidential, the first supplement in the GUMSHOE One-2-One line for a single GM and single player. 


Ben has started another podcast, Across the Aisle, where he, a progressive, tries to find solutions to 21st century problems with a libertarian! Find it here!


Check out the Fae Noir Kickstarter, a comic of immigration, invasion, and the undead featuring genius artist and friend of the show, Ian Anastas! Back it here!


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Urban Shadows is a role-playing game of dark, modern, fantasy co-created by Andrew Medeiros and Mark Diaz-Truman using the Apocalypse World system. 

As an Apocalypse World game, Urban Shadows is rules-light, fun-heavy, and allows players to bring stories of vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and wizards to your gaming table to see what is going to happen. 

Interested in Urban Shadows? They just had their first supplement, Dark Streets, come out and you can find it here!

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Art courtesy Magpie Games. 





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81: Dungeon Crawl Classics & Sailors on the Starless Sea

The gang talks over Old School Revolution darling, Dungeon Crawl Classics and a level 0 adventure for the game, Sailors on the Starless Sea! Taste, feel, and smell the wonders of Appendix N fantasy.

Hear Ben mess up the intro, Sarah gasp and the Well of Souls, and Brad brag about his dungeon-crawling chops!

Thanks to Chris Koterba for producing, and 50 Breaks for providing awesome tuneage. Check out their latest album here!


And this, is what Appendix N looks like!

Appendix N, courtesy Goodman Games.

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80: Microscope Actual Play

Join Brad, Ben, and Sarah as they play Ben Robbins' game of history creation, Microscope.

Also, come see Ben at the Midwinter Gaming Convention on Saturday, January 14th at noon. He's giving a talk on why it's good to be a geek, and how nerd pastimes make you smarter!

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79: Cthulhu Eats Dr. Seuss

Ben talks about using Microscope to build a steampunk fantasy world, and Call of Cthulhu for Beginners, which is a Dr. Seuss retelling of Lovecraft's most famous work.

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78: Fireborn

The gang checks out a gem from the early aughts from Fantasy Flight, Fireborn! It's a game where you play a reincarnated dragon living in a London where magic is coming alive again. 

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77: Ending the Dracula Dossier

Ben has been running two Dracula Dossier campaigns over the last 14 months, and one of them just ended! He reflects on what he would have done differently, and advice he would give to other GMs running the campaign. 

If you want to read about why The Dracula Dossier might be the greatest campaign of all time, click here!

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76: TimeWatch

The gang take  a look at TimeWatch, the amazing game of time travel and pulp action from Pelgrane Press. 

We have all three of us back at the helm this week, and even have some much-teased good news! 

Thanks as always to 50 Breaks for their bumper music. Check out their new album here!

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75: Lone Wolf Adventure Game Quickfire

In a quickfire solo episode, Ben talks about The Lone Wolf Adventure Game, which he maintains may be the best beginner product on the market! He also discusses a wide-ranging article by Monica Vallentinelli in which she discusses feeling geek stigma. 


You can find The Lone Wolf Adventure Game here!


Monica Vallentinelli's article is here!

You can see Ben's seminar listing at Gamehole Con here!

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74: Apocalypse World 2nd Ed Quickfire

Ben Riggs comes to you solo this week to quickly discuss Apocalypse World 2nd Edition.

Find us on Facebook & Twitter! (And if this episode was a little quiet, do let me know on Facebook!) 

Thanks as always to producer Chris Koterba, and 50 Breaks for their bumper music!

Thanks to Lumpley Games for the image art. 



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