Plot Points
42: C2E2 Special!

Ben and Brad hit Chicago's premier comic convention, C2E2 this past weekend, and we are coming at you with a pair of interviews of interest for you!

First we talk to the folks over at Gobhoblin Pictures who just completed a web series entitled Roll Four: The Summer Campaign. The series is about a DM, his players, and their characters over one summer. It's The Guild meets The Gamers and for those of us interested in taking gaming more seriously, it is a case study. Find them here!

In other fascinating news, I bought a belt at C2E2, but not just any belt, an Obscure Belt! The belt is beautiful, sturdy, and geeky without being in your face about it. (Mine looks like it could be worn by Han Solo or Sherlock Holmes!) They are impeccably cool, and you should check them out!

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