Plot Points
55: Monte Cook on Numenera

Today, Ben chews the fat with Monte Cook of Numenera and 3rd ed. D&D fame. We talk about his newest Kickstarter, and all things gamey!

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The Numenera Reliquary unboxing that drove me mad with covetousness is here!

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54: Zak S. & James Raggi Interviews

We've got the ENnie award-winning author publisher duo behind Red & Pleasant Land digitally in studio to discuss the project's success, and their philosophies of gaming, writing, publishing, and Yale grad school.

Also, our Geek Critique narrative episodes have generated more positive feedback than any other show we've done! We've heard you, and plan on putting together a second podcast to meet that demand. Plot Points won't be going anywhere, but you want more, we'll get you more! 

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53: Podcast-a-Ganza!

Live as the internet can be, Plot Points comes to you live from GenCon 2015, with six other podcasts. Each podcast crammed one full episode into less than ten minutes!

Behold the aural glory of Role-Playing Public Radio!

Tremble in fear at the approach of The Good Friends of Jackson Elias!

Chortle with joy at the golden tones of The NPC Cast!

Serve the Emperor and fight the night with the Grim Dark Podcast!

To survive the Steadfast and the Beyond, you must hear The Signal!

Hear you next year at the 'con y'all!

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52: The Bruce Cordell Gambit, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Strange

This week, we continue our audio experiment with narrative podcasting by taking a look at the life and career of Bruce Cordell. Bruce worked on D&D for over a decade and a half, producing seminal novels and supplements. Yet he left it all behind to take a risk, joining Monte Cook Games and writing The Strange. Why'd he do it, and how's it working out? 

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