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Brad, Ben, and Sarah talk over their favorite releases of 2017. Some are brand spanking fresh, some we've talked over before, but we are excited as hell for all of them.

Bran wants you to know you can listen to our episode about My Little Pony here, and Cthulhu Confidential here

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The Plot Points gang discusses the NEW rpg system from EN Publishing and an adventure, Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing. You can find it on DriveThruRPG here!

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A panel of luminaries discusses the intersection of gaming, myth, and religion at Gen Con 2017. It was my favorite panel, and it was composed of Nisaba Press's Jaym Gates, Paizo's Lyz Liddell, and the John W. Campbell of role-playing fiction, Chaosium-fiction editor James Lowder.



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Over 80 episodes into Plot Points, the gang takes a moment to think about what they've learned, what they've done, and whether role-playing games are actually literature. 


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The gang gets together to discuss Gen Con 2017, the 50th anniversary of the world's greatest RPG convention!

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Ben talks to you while he drives to game about Rippers, a Savage Worlds setting where you kill Dracula, harvest his organs, and install them in your own body. He also discusses hacking the setting for GUMSHOE, and his poor experience with the L5R beta test. 

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Ben, Sarah, & Brad discuss Weird Discoveries, a compilation of ten adventures for Monte Cook Games' Numenera. Mr. Cook has found a new way to present adventures which, in theory, allows a GM to start running a game after just five minutes of prep!

They also discuss Numenera 2, which is Kickstarting right now!

Read an article Ben wrote about it for Geek & Sundry here!


All images courtesy Monte Cook Games.


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Ben got an early look at Paizo's Starfinder, and is here to give you a hot take on the massive and beautiful corebook. 

Going to Gen Con? Ben edited a Pathfinder-compatible adventure being play-tested on Friday at 1 PM entitled Triverton. It mixes fantasy role-playing and, believe it or not, libertarian politics. Intrigued? Fascinated? Give it a play on Friday!

Want to see Sarah, Ben, and Brad in the flesh? Come to the Plot Points Q&A at Gen Con on Thursday! We're in the Crowne Plaza at Pennsylvania Station C!

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The Plot Points gang tackles My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria.

Plot Points is doing a seminar at Gen Con! Attend here!

Also, did you know Sarah makes custom My Little Ponies? Email her at if you are interested in such glory as this!

Buy and rock out to 50 Breaks' newest album here!

Ben has started another podcast, Across the Aisle, where he, a progressive, tries to find solutions to 21st century problems with a libertarian! Find it here!


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Today Brad, Ben, and Sarah talk about Cthulhu Confidential, the first supplement in the GUMSHOE One-2-One line for a single GM and single player. 


Ben has started another podcast, Across the Aisle, where he, a progressive, tries to find solutions to 21st century problems with a libertarian! Find it here!


Check out the Fae Noir Kickstarter, a comic of immigration, invasion, and the undead featuring genius artist and friend of the show, Ian Anastas! Back it here!


Plot Points is doing a seminar at Gen Con! Attend here!


Buy and rock out to 50 Breaks' newest album here!



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