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Plot Points

Plot Points has been discussing role-playing games as literature since 2013. The podcast takes a deep dive on the influences, origins, joys, and meaning of tabletop role-playing games. The Plot Points gang talks about new releases, old gems, and speaks with the most influential and exciting creators in the tabletop role-playing game space. 

Find a cool new game, discover a strategy for your home group, or learn a fresh take on the theory of role-playing.

May 29, 2014

Plot Points has been invited to depart the close and comforting confines of Rainbird Studios and venture out into the wide world at the Nexus Game Fair in beautiful downtown Milwaukee, which has completely recovered from last autumn's deadly zombie outbreak. See Sarah, Brad, Ben and Producer Chris in the flesh (and such...

May 15, 2014

The gang discusses how to get new people into gaming, with and emphasis on the revolutionary busines model and introduction of gaming to countless children at the Brooklyn Strategist. 

Thanks to all our new listeners, especially those of you in Canada, Illinois, and Europe!

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May 10, 2014

Today, we are thrilled to finish our discussion with Rob "Wild Dog" Wieland, author of Bucking the Tiger for the Firefly RPG by Margaret Weis Productions.

You can find Bucking the Tiger, which in this man's humble opinion may be the best adventure for novices written in the past four years, right here on...

May 2, 2014

This week, the gang tackles Bucking the Tiger by Rob Wieland for the all-new, bestselling, Firefly Role-Playing Game published by Margaret Weis Productions. As a special treat, for the first time ever, we actually have the author himself in Rainbird Studio to discuss his work!

You can find the Firefly RPG here...